Investor Buy Signal to 'Make a Killing' is the Next Bitcoin Death | NewsBTC

An investment analyst has predicted the 'death of Bitcoin' articles will show the key moment to invest in Bitcoin. Following the 'bubble popping' over the An investment analyst has predicted the 'death of Bitcoin' articles will show the key buy signal to invest in Bitcoin following the 'bubble popping.'

Stellar (XML) Dependent Stable Coin Receives IBM’s Support - Ethereum World News

International Business Machines Corp (IBM) is supporting a Stable crypto pegged to the U.S. dollar. The stable coin, Stronghold USD, which was launched on Stellar (XML) blockchain network adds another feather to the cap of Stellar. In an announcement IBM declared it is partnering with United State based fintech Stronghold after it decided to make [

Tron (TRX): 11 Days To TVM Launch, 22 Exchanges Resume TRX Trading - Ethereum World News

The road to success is never easy or linear. It sometimes requires different phases. Tron has for long been on stages of different developmental moves. Ever since the completion of Tron’s MainNet and transfer of TRX token to its ecosystem, several exchanges which pledged support for the altcoin have embarked on processes which will aid […]

Humaniq recognised as leading “Blockchain for Social Good” use case at UK Parliament reception - Ethereum World News

London, July 18, 2018 –  Humaniq, an easy-to-use and secure Hybrid Blockchain platform, has participated in the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain) at the U.K Parliament. The mission of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain is to ensure that industry and society benefits from the full potential of Blockcha

Crypto Spike Has All Puzzled, Who Done It?

Bitcoin went ballistic yesterday, rising by nearly $1,000 for the first time since the 2017 bull run, from around $6,700 to a high of $7,500. Its trading volumes are up...

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Watch: Ready for Uptrend Confirmation? | NewsBTC

Bitcoin Cash Price Key Highlights Bitcoin Cash also formed a double bottom reversal pattern and appears to be inching past the neckline. In that case, Bitcoin Cash is attempting to break past the neckline of its reversal pattern to signal that an uptrend is in the cards.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Bullish Pattern Confirmation! | NewsBTC

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price finally broke above the neckline of its inverse head and shoulders pattern to signal that a rally is underway. Bitcoin price made a strong upside break from the neckline of its inverse head and shoulders pattern.

XRP Technical Analysis

On a weekly basis, XRP is up 14 percent as buyers continue to reverse their two month losses and syncing with April’s rally.

IBM Backs 'Stablecoin' Stronghold USD for Fast and Secure Financial Payments | NewsBTC

IBM is exploring the use of a 'stablecoin' to facilitate fast and secure payments within the financial services sector. The tech giant has teamed up with institutional asset management platform Stronghold, which is federally insured by the bank Prime Trust, to test a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the U.S. Dollar.

Ethereum (ETH) Named king of Crypto by Kevin O'Leary, reaches $500.00 - Ethereum World News

It is the best second day of the week possible for crypto-enthusiasts as the digital assets finally make it above the very resistant levels. Bitcoin [BTC] flies past the $7,300 as ETH follows above $500.00 against the US Dollar. However, Kevin O’Leary strongly believes that Ethereum in the end will turn the real leader of […]

SpringRole Will Provide Advisor Verifications to ICODashboard - Ethereum World News

Blockchain enthusiasts face many challenges when verifying the online claims of projects. Very often they will stumble upon fabricated profiles listed as team members or advisors. To make matters worse, some misleadingly include renowned public figures who have no real affiliation to the project. SpringRole has partnered with ICODashboard, the lead

DoE Backs Blockchain Energy Platform with $1 Million US Grant | NewsBTC

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has announced it will award 95 grants for a total of $95 million to 80 businesses in 26 states. One beneficiary is The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has announced it will award 95 grants for a total of $95 million to 80 businesses in 26 states.

What Caused Bitcoin to Surge Almost 10% in a Matter of Hours? | NewsBTC

The number one cryptocurrency has seen its price dramatically increase in the last few hours. Bitcoin has absolutely smashed the $6,800 resistance level Bitcoin's price is rocketing up at the minute, but what is behind its sudden rising market capitalisation and trading volume?

Litecoin Creator Bullish on Bitcoin, Advises Buying 1 BTC - Ethereum World News

Litecoin (LTC)–Litecoin creator, managing director of the Litecoin Foundation, and frequent media figure Charlie Lee has been a mainstay in the industry of cryptocurrency going back to the beginning of the decade. After graduating from MIT with a degree in Computer Science, Lee took the road to Silicon Valley and worked as an engineer with [&

Stellar (XML) Becomes The First To Receive Sharia Compliance Certification - Ethereum World News

The Stellar (XML) Development Foundation has received a Sharia Certification for Payments and Asset Tokenization, making it the first Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to obtain the recognition. The certification, which was gotten from the Shariyah Review Board (SRB), a leading international Sharia advisory agency licensed by the Central Bank of

Global Financial Watchdog May Restrict Bank Exposure to Crypto | NewsBTC

The Financial Securities Board (FSB) has released its report covering crypto assets for the G20 and is considering lowering the exposure of banks to The Financial Securities Board (FSB) has released its report into crypto assets for the G20 and are considering lowering the exposure of banks

Bitcoin Cash to Get Tokens by Forking Omni Layer

Bitmain, the biggest crypto miner and Asics manufacturer, has forked Omni Layer into a Wormhole protocol to provide the same functionality for Bitcoin Cash. Omni Layer allows for the creation of...

Neo (NEO) Best Opportunity to Step in, Latest News - Ethereum World News

With the market slightly reversing in prices after the experienced losses for the past few weeks, this could be the best moment to not let the train go by. For many the present token movement could equal to loss, however for others it represents a perfect window to get themselves involved. And with all the […]

Immortality Meets the Blockchain. ANKHlabs Announces Blockchain-Based Immortality Platform Pre-ICO - Ethereum World News

Munich, Germany (July 17, 2018) – ANKHlabs, a ground-breaking technology that uses the power of the blockchain and AI to make immortality a digital reality, announces its Pre-Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to interested contributors today. The platform, BeANKH, melds artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology to add immutabili

Blue Whale Foundation - Utilizing Blockchain to Power Smart Cities And Champion the World’s Next Major Manpower Shift, The Sharing Economy - Ethereum World News

South Korea, 17 June 2018 – Fresh from closing USD 22million in its initial coin offering (ICO) sale, Blue Whale Foundation (the blockchain platform building the world’s largest worker-centric decentralized ecosystem for the self-employed) will champion the “Trends in blockchain and the Future of the Sharing Economy 2018” Conference in Seou

Is This The Beginning of Another Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run? - Ethereum World News

$6,900 per Bitcoin (BTC) is the current magic number when you ask any seasoned Crypto-trader in the crypto-verse. This is because they believe that once this resistance level is broken by the King of Crypto, we could be seeing BTC values get to a new zone of between $7,600 and $8,000. BTC is currently trading […]

Blockstream’s Liquid Network Shows Huge Promise For A Maturing Bitcoin Market - Coinjournal

Bitcoin technology operation Blockstream have recently provided further details on their Liquid sidechain offering, which appears to be shaping into an incredible development for the wider ecosystem. Over the last few years, Blockstream have been quietly working away on the second-layer technologies which will be vital in developing a Bitcoin netwo

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Waiting for Reversal Confirmation | NewsBTC

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price has completed its inverse head and shoulders reversal pattern and is now awaiting confirmation. Price is Bitcoin price is testing the neckline of its reversal formation and confirmation could lead to a climb to $7,800 and beyond.

Kodak-Branded Bitcoin Mining Rig Labelled a Scam | NewsBTC

KashMiner, a Bitcoin mining computer which was on display on Kodak's official stand at the CES technology show in Las Vegas in January, turned out to be a misleading product with unachievable advertised profits. The product, which was never officially licensed by Kodak, will not go ahead, according to the company behind the scheme.

CFA Institute Adds Cryptocurrency Topics to its 2019 Financial Exam | NewsBTC

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute are adding cryptocurrency and blockchain topics to their 2019 exam. The subjects will form a new module The CFA Institute has added blockchain and cryptocurrency topics to its 2019 paper. It's the first time the global associate has included such areas.