Tectum Softnote Review - Transactionless Crypto Payments of the Future » The Merkle News

When it comes to making cryptocurrency payments, the primary concern these days are the high transaction costs and the long confirmation times for legacy networks. In addition, those looking for anonymity with their crypto transactions have to go through several hoops to obfuscate the source of funds and detach the tokens from their identity. What

Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $0.17 to Watch in May 2022 » The Merkle News

This week, cryptocurrency markets continue to struggle, with Bitcoin and Ethereum showing bearish momentum. Metaverse crypto coins are also declining as many are down several percent in price. Even with the recent bear market, this makes an excellent opportunity to accumulate and Dollar-Cost Average Metaverse crypto project that could show signific

Waves announces 4-step Master Plan to 'save' its DeFi ecosystem | Invezz

Waves, a proof-of-stake blockchain platform for decentralized applications, has announced measures it says will help address the recent upheaval that rocked its DeFi ecosystem. Specifically, the “Master Plan”, as the four-step measures are called, is aimed at ensuring the ecosystem’s algorithmic stablecoin Neutrino USD (USDN) rest

Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $4 Million Market Cap (May 2022) » The Merkle News

Metaverse and NFT crypto coins remain among the most popular options for traders in 2022. Even with the recent bear market over the past couple of months, Metaverse crypto coins are some of the best long-term opportunities for those looking to capitalize on the next bull run in cryptocurrency. Today we look at our pick of the top three Metaverse cr

Bitcoin Options Expire – Trustnodes

The bitcoin and ethereum options on Deribit, one of the largest crypto derivatives exchange, expired earlier today. This month saw

Stablecoin Tether launches on Polygon Network | Invezz

The stablecoin market has been part of the headlines since the second week of May. Post the TerraUSD (UST) massacre; investors felt shaky about the future of stablecoins. Meanwhile, some positive news is coming up from the stablecoin market. Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin by market capitalisation, has launched on Polygon (MATIC), a leading b

XRP hits a 2-month high in supply held, should you buy it? | Invezz

XRP XRP/USD is a digital asset that is purpose-built to facilitate payments. It offers financial institutions a quick and reliable way through which they can source liquidity on demand. XRP as a cryptocurrency runs on top of the XRP Leder, which is a blockchain network that’s aimed at providing a convenient way through which people […]

Terra Luna 2.0 - New Chain Launch Is Around The Corner » The Merkle News

Terra Luna is gearing up for its new chain launch, forking the old blockchain into a new chain without the UST stablecoin. Multiple exchanges already announced their support for the new chain, and CoinMarketCap updated Terra Luna to LUNC and added a new tracker for Terra 2.0. Final Post-attack Snapshot for Terra 2.0 Has Passed The snapshot for the

Explore The White Tiger Event At Hoo

Hoo is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Hong Kong, launched in May 2018. The white tiger is the symbol of Hoo Exchange, which was lost in the forest at the Hoo creative event, and users must find it to get rewards.

This Metaverse Crypto Coin Gained 46% This Week (OpenWorld) » The Merkle News

As Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to trade sideways, with BTC holding above $29k and ETH struggling at $1,700, a Metaverse Crypto Coin called OpenWorld (OPEN) gained over 46% in the past week and over 11% in the past 24 hours. OpenWorld was recently added to the Metaverse category of CoinMarketCap, and with a $2.2 million market capitalization, it i

Splinterlands’ $4M node license presale sells out in minutes | Invezz

Splinterlands, the blockchain game that has topped the charts as the most played game over the last 10 months, picked another milestone when its validator nodes presale sold out within minutes. According to details about the sale shared with Invezz, the games’ validator licenses sold out in 11 minutes, with 2000 licenses sold in a […]